Looking back at 2018! Walking into 2019.

Hello Butterfly Souls !

My sweetest loves! Another year has come to an end and it’s unbelievable how time flies..

I am writing today after almost 1.5 years.. and it feels like ages.. LIKE LITERALLY.. I am stumbling on every word and struggling to put my thoughts together into words.. But I can’t contain the excitement to share with you all the things I have been upto, all the changes that I have gone through and all the lessons I have learnt in the past year.

Its been a crazy year.. with enormous spontaneity and several rounds of soul searching. Beginning of the year ’18 saw me in a new workplace with an absolutely fresh atmosphere and a chance to meet new people from varied walks of life and getting to know their ideas and learn about their day to day struggles and how they deal with them. Experiences that inspired me to keep strong and renewed my zest for life. Work culture inspired me to take up some academic coaching and get in touch with my books that had long been neglected. At the same time came in contact with some severely toxic people with selfish hidden motives under the masks of well wishers. People with persuasive and manipulative behaviour who were disrespecting of my boundaries. Walking away from them and moving to greener pastures, giving myself the respect and knowing my worth, came with the attainment of a higher level of self love. Moving out of these harsh circumstances confirmed the power of faith in the almighty.

Second half of the year was way more fun.. Got a chance to travel to Indonesia .. Bali with my entire family of 12 members… with some remarkable moments giving me some unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. I did share some pictures and updates of my travels from bali on my instagram for those who follow me there. Some of my favourite places being Potato head beach and ROCK bar Bali. Got to experience beautiful sunset from Uluwatu Temple, walk bare footed in glistening waters of Dreamland Beach and take lovely pictures on Bali swing .. Also had an amazing, relaxing spa experience and a chance to try some adventure sports like deep sea walking and an early morning mountain trek at Mount Batur. Tried some of their local fruits , Dragon fruit and Pitaya while shopping from flea markets their. Bought myself a bohemian dream catcher for a wall hanging as a souvenir. Later incorporated it in the interiors of my room.

I worked some magic in the interiors of my bedroom by getting it a rustic white brick wall, turquoise almirahs, adding some moroccan tile work and it felt like a completely new place. Also made a small gardening setup and added hanging floral plants to the favourite place of my house — my balcony. Nurtured my childhood interests and hobbies like poetry, art and painting. On a lighter note.. experimented a few times with my hair color.. going from black to blonde .. blonde to navy blue and then black again…finally ending this year with shorter layerd cut and fringes.. loving my new and fresh hair look.

All through the year I kept up with my resolution of taking health matters seriously.. I made some major changes in my diet.. took to an hour daily of brisk walking.. enrolled for gym later , lost a few pounds and found a fitter version myself . Hoping to not just keep up with it but level up my fitness game in the coming year. Also realised the importance of mental health alongside physical fitness and dealing with it in a more holistic manner by being more kind and forgiving to oneself.

All in all its been a great year with a mixed bag of experinces.. and now I am ready to be floating into the next year with all the lovely memories and important lessons from the last year, along with a stronger, happier and a more determined version of my beautifully transformed soul.

Also sharing with you some of these fun moments of breakfast,coffee and photography I had a day after X-mas at Kolkatas favourite confectionary .. Flurys,Park Street. Hope you guys enjoy these pictures and have a fun time reading through this ..
Wish you all an exuberently colorful and sparkly New Year 2019.. May all your wishes come true and may you achieve success in the big and small endeavours of your life.
Until then..
A zillon hugs and kisses 😚😚.

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