How to style an Ethnic Cape ft. Dori Designs

Namaste Butterflies!

Welcome back to my blog!

It’s raining here while I write this today.. and my heart is dancing to the tune of the rain. I feel like the happiest person, whenever it rains..  It makes everything so fresh and washes away all the stress from the environment.

The feel of the wet breeze on the skin, the sound of thunder, the dance of the trees and the smell of the moist earth make me feel deeply connected to nature. It makes me aware of how nature through all its various ways, has so much power to reproduce and heal.

It makes me realise the importance of protecting nature by minimizing any undesirable environmental effects caused by the use of simple everyday products. It’s not just important that products like makeup, perfumes, soap, detergents, shoes, bags, clothing textiles and numerous other accessories be made eco friendly, but also that they should be adopted early by the masses. This may ensure efficient and careful use of natural resources and help preserve nature.

One such endeavour has been taken by the team of Dori Designs  who strive to create sustainable fashion, which encompasses all the desirables such as…  timeless designs, handwoven recyclable fabric  and beautiful Kasuti embroidery.

This post of mine is in collaboration with Dori Designs and this beautiful Pink cape  from their collection is made up of the handwoven Ilkal which originates in Karnataka. I find this piece of apparel so versatile and I had some fun time styling it. I wanted to keep the look Indian and connected to my roots,  so I decide to pair this cape with an Indigo salwar and a small, cotton Maroon colored DIY crop top (under the cape) which some of you guys may know (all those who follow me on Snapchat..)

I accessorised it with this hand painted leather bag and a pair of maroon block heel mules. To complete the look I wore some silver jewellery and put my moms bindi. I kept my hair loose and did a subtle blue smokey eye – pink nude lip makeup to keep me looking earthy. The last this was my pink sheen clubmasters and I was feeling pretty much done.

I did plan another look of a more westernised outfit for this cape.. but somehow my heart kept gravitating towards this homely look. I absolutely love strutting in this and I am hoping you guys would like it to.

Thank you for reading till the end. Hope Guys enjoy the pics. Keep loving, living and liking. Until next time.

Tada 🙂



Cape: Dori Designs

Salwar and Bag : New Market , Kolkata

Heels : Bk Market , Kolkata

Necklace : Westside Store

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