Statement Sleeves Featuring Rare PART 2


She has a look of innocence

That tells You

She is the best kinda BAD

Heya Dolls!

Hope you had a sassy day! I am jumpin’ in to give you a short little,,, but with lots of fun pictures … Part 2 of my collaboration with Rare. Even though this brand needs no introduction.. I did give you one in my last post. So if you are still wondering where to get this yellow chirpy, bubbly, girly, pretty…… (add as many as you like) Β bell sleeve top– then, rush to Myntra dotcom or Jabong dotcom and its available under the brand name Rare.

Its super Rare (quite literally) to find a top with so much quirk together . aka the short bell sleeves, the bright yellow color , the choker Β v neck and the flowy silhouette. Gosh!! Unbelievable! isn’t it?!?

As you Β can see, I did my all time favourite.. back to school styling with it. I paired it with a black aline skirt and a pair of yellow socks. For the added school girl charm I decide to accessorize it with a quirky backpack and my shiny black brouges. For the makeup I used a simple nude brown lip color and added a subtle yellow eyeshadow.. then I lined my eyes with a black liner keeping the wings short. Lastly I put my hair up in a half ponytail and I was skipping my way to lala land…

Side Note : This lollipop wasn’t really just a prop.. the whole truth is that.. this shoot was an excuse for me to buy this huge piece of candy… which eventually was gulped down by me.. (Guilty??! was I?? … Maybe ..err… Not really!! ..Well Ok! Just a lil’ bit )

As you can tell.. I had a lot of fun during this shoot.. and post the shoot. I am hoping you enjoy this post as much as I did shooting it. Also if you do enjoy this one.. and want more such posts to keep coming up.. don’t forget to like and share. Lastly please comment below what is it that you’d like to add to this outfit.

Waiting to hear from you!

Love You Butterflies! Muaah!




Top : RareΒ 

Skirt : The Gud Look

Shoes : Knotty Derby

Bag : Lifestyle store

Socks: Life by Shoppers Stop

Lipstick : Chambor Geneva Powder matte – dusky earth


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