Maxing Out this Summer

Drowsy Butterflies!

This post is a wake up call for all my sleepy butterflies who have fallen prey to the summer heat and taken resort to lazing away the summers in their air conditioned indoors. Summer in major parts of India is undoubtedly the most harsh season and  synonyms with frizzy hair, melting makeup, sweat stains and irritated skin.

Despite of it all , let’s not allow the heat and humidity, to dampen the spirits of our inner fashionistas .. let’s just be wandering out enough, like always and beat the heat with a sip of chilled lemonade.

But before we indulge in that refreshing lemonade, let me just tell you about this shoot I did a week ago along with a few other outfits for the summer.

Maxi dresses are super versatile and one of the essentials for a summer wardrobe. I got this maxi dress of mine from Delhi last year and had been looking for the perfect occasion to wear it. But with the rise of mercury and the immense heat.. I completely lost patience and I felt the need to slip into this stylish yet comfy piece to get me going in the heat.

The thing which makes this maxi a perfect summer wear is it’s subtle color and the. subdued tribal print .. the light pastel peach makes it easy on the eyes.. and the tribal print gives it a bohemian vibe much different from the usual floral prints.

Secondly the razor back, the slim fit flowing silhouette  and the double sided knee high slits adds the right amount of oomph to this uber casual looking dress. The slits look sexy and at the same time make it airy to keep you ventilated in the heat. Also the slim fit gives you an instant dressed up feel, without taking much of your time and effort.

I styled it by layering my dress with a pastel green shirt in a casual manner by just tying a knot around the waist. This gave it a color break and added more shape to its slim fit silhouette. I accessorised my look with a pair of tie up tan sandals and my tan fringe bag. To complete the look I kept my hair loose, fuss free and naturally wavy. I finished it up  with a barely there make up look.. for which I used a nude lipstick and kept my liner simple and thin.

I did shoot two more looks along with this one and will be sharing them soon. For the time being do enjoy this one and don’t forget to comment, like and share it. Also do let me know what kind of looks would you be interested in seeing in the future. Until then.. ciao .. xoxo.😘😘



Maxi Dress : Janpath, Delhi

Green shirt : Metroplaza

Bag : Metro plaza

Sandals: Truffle Collection

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