Bling It Onn!! With Blinglane Jewellery

Lovely Butterflies!

“Why fit in , when you are born to stand out?”

Why be the same, when you ARE different?

You can’t inspire the world by being like it.

Why try so hard to be who you are not?

 Just remember you were made to add a different flavour to the world..

Why waste it?

Let the world taste it.

Be young.. Be erratic.. Be fluid, Be fire… Break the stereotype… Breath in liberty… Breath out self doubts.

Wear black , wear white, or wear ’em all at once. Dress like your mood..Don’t shy away  from colors.  

Embrace Jewellery Big , Bold and Blingy.

Jump in heels ,  Let your hair down

Above all DON’T let anyone tell you .. how it should be done.

All  of the above is everything in a gist that you need to know about #avantgarde fashion. But before I get into more of it I would like to mention that today’s post is in collaboration with Blinglane ,  which is  an ecommerce website dedicated to making luxe, futuristic, minimalistic jewellery.

Their collection gave me major inspiration for this outfit of mine. For the longest time I had been aching to do a post on avant garde fashion.. and when Blinglane sent me this futuristic looking geometrical necklace.. I knew exactly how I was going to wear it.

If you look up on Google .. Futuristic, ultra-modern, unorthodox , unconventional, revolutionary and innovative are just a few words that exactly describe “avant garde”. And this look has some of the elements of it.

Though futuristic fashion has been synonyms with alot of silver, greys blacks and monochromes .. ie clean and fuss free palette of colors.

I decided to go with a colorblocking theme choosing 4 different colors.. a fuschia blazer, a canary yellow cami and a bottle green palazzos. I added hints of turquoise blue color with my nail paint and did a blue graphic eyeliner using maybellines new Lasting Drama gel pencil in the shade silken turquoise .

The major game chancer was the Blinglane geometric neckpiece which I wore as a choker and the Mohawk hairdo. It’s really amazing how accessories can completely transform any outfit just like in this case. To balance out the multicolour outfit I chose to wear my black heels and carry a black bag. Lastly tinted aviators like this yellow one.. have been my current favourite and I feel they go perfectly with this outfit.

This post is a different one compared to my previous posts. I did try to shake up things a bit and hope you can appreciate it. Thank you for reading and you can find more pretty baubles at Blinglane.  So do check out their stuff and don’t forget to give a thumbs up if you like this post.

Signing off! Love ya’ll.. Tada!!



Necklace : Blinglanedotcom

Yellow Cami : Pantaloons

Blazer : Max Fashion India (Last to last season)

Palazzo : Harpa @ Myntra dotcom

Heels : Zara

Bag : Forever 21


Nail Paint : Chambor Geneva Gel effect

Eyeliner: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel penci in silken turquoise

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