Me Time with Me Bath!

Aloha Butterflies ?

” Self care is a priority and necessity, not a luxury in the work that we do”

In this fast moving life of ours we are always living under the pressure of meeting the deadlines and running to get our work done. And during all this we often forget to take time out for our body and for ourselves. I am more than thankful to Me Bath for giving me the awesomest pampering session last week at the Eyecatchers Salon , that not just helped me de-stress and relax but also gave my hands and feet the much needed care.

Me bath is a USA based company that excels in bath and body care product. They have a great collection of innovative bathing products including soaps, lotions ,bath bombs , bath sherbats, body washes and body scrubs, which are sure to turn one’s bathing experience into a more luxurious one. Their products are not just aesthetically pleasing but also use paraben free formulas which are 100% vegan , cruelty free and come in biodegradable packaging. They recently launched their ice cream collection of products which have the cutest looking soaps that resemble your favourite ice cream scoops and sticks.

Sharing a detailed video along with some pics about the chocoholic manicure pedicure session I had. I am sure you guys are gonna love it …so go and indulge in some great bathing products from Me Bath collection right now. Do let me know your experience once you try them.. and don’t forget to like this post as well as the video if you want more such videos to come up.

Until then keep rocking!

Love guys!! Ciao..



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