Retro Faux Bob tutorial with Hair Drama Co

Heya Butterflies!

Its me and my frizzy hair, here for a simple retro looking messy faux bob tutorial in collaboration with Hair Drama Co.

So Hair Drama Co is an online retail company that sells all kinds of fashionable hair accessories. They have a beautiful collection of headbands, hairclips, tiaras both floral and studded, beanies , headwraps and hair glitter. I completely adore their collection and was super excited when they sent me this glamorous hair comb clip. I could’nt wait to share with you this retro look which I created using their clip.


This is the cute little box and bag packaging I recieved:


P.S : Kindly exuse the bad hair and lighting. Somehow the pictures did’nt come upto my expectations.

So lets go into the steps of the hairstyle:

Things you’ll need : 1. Hair Iron

                                       2.  Elastic bands

                                  3. Bobbypins

And                               4. Hair comb clip

STEP 1 : You could skip this step if you have smooth hair , rather I would suggest you to use a hair mousse and scrunch up your hair to create some texture. But since I have pretty frizzy hair I decided to tame it down just a wee bit using a hair iron, to make things simpler for me. 


STEP 2: Once you are done with that, make a side part and divide your hair into 2 halves, bringing them in front on both sides.


STEP 3 :  Then lift a small section from one side of the halved hair.

hcd5STEP 4 :  And twist  that section of hair all the way down.


STEP 5 : Now pull the twist upwards at two or three areas to tease it and make it look fuller. You don’t need to be very neat since its suppose to be a messy updo. hcd7

STEP 6 : Keep making sections , and repeating steps 4 and 5 until your hair looks somewhat like this picture shown below.


STEP 7 : After this you’ll need a few elastic bands 


STEP 8: Take two or 3 twisted sections of hair at a time and tie them together at the lower end. 


STEP 9: I don’t really have a better picture, but I hope you can make out how you have to fold and tie the lower ends of the hair making them into small loops. I made three such loops, one for the back and one for each side.


STEP 10: Once you have made the 3- 4 loops all you have to do is tuck them in with bobby pins at the nape of your neck keeping in mind that the elastic band are completely concealed. Make sure you secure them properly.. don’t hesitate and use as many bobby pins required so that the loops dont fall off. 


STEP 11: So this is how your bob is going to look like once you are done with step 10.


STEP 12 : For the finishing touch carefully put in the hair comb clip on one side and voila… You have made the simplest messy retro looking faux bob.


Here are the final looks. Hope you guys like the look and the tutorial. You could get this hair comb clip at Hair Drama Co. Do like and comment if you want more such hair tutorials. Until next time..xoxo



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