Hip Hop and Hustle with Kollab Lifestyle

Heya Butterflies!

I am back again with a post in collaboration with the Kollab Lifestyle, and this post is coming up after great delays. Sorry about it…buhht I had been travelling , and then there was —–Holi.

Hope you guys had a super colorful Holi… Belated Happy Holi ya’ll.

So bummed about the fact that I couldn’t do an outfit shoot for holi.. 😦 😦  But I have got other great outfits to share and a shopping haul coming soon from my travels to Varanasi. So YAYY!!

Now coming back to this outfit. I already introduced you guys to Kollab Lifestyle in one of my previous posts! And those of you who follow me know how youth oriented and dance inspired this brand is. I am in love with their simple yet stylish collection of apparel. This monochrome hoodie which kinda reminds me of the yin and yang symbol of the Chinese philosophy is so effortlessly classy , that it can be styled in a zillion ways.

But I decided to keep the look Hip hop since I don’t just love hip hop music but also love Hip Hop fashion. So I paired this over-sized hoodie with an a-line button down blue denim skirt. To give it the Hip Hop vibe I wore my squeaky white Stan Smiths and accessorized it with a white sling bag , a basic cap, and club-masters. Kept my hair in twin french braids and went for a winged liner to complete the look.

The hoodie was warm and super comfy, and made the perfect morning outfit for the early spring. Also I met this cute lil bae on my way to the shoot, who was all giggly and posey in front of the camera.. she added all the right kinda vibes to this hip hop post of mine and I couldn’t be more thankful to her for it.

Hope you guys enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed shooting it.  Also don’t forget to check out more cool stuffs on Kollab Lifestyle

Huge love. xoxo.




Hoodie :  Kollab Lifestyle

Skirt: StalkBuyLove

Bag: Flipkart

Shoes : Adidas Stan Smiths

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