Sporty Grunge featuring Kollab Lifestyle

Heya Butterflies!

Often friends and fellows tell me that on any given day they choose to dress according to their mood. So dressing, I believe, does reflect the mood of a person and hence is a medium of self expression. Any form of creative self expression qualifies as art and thus  the quote “Fashion is art” holds true to me.

This post of mine is in collaboration with Kollab Lifesyle ,  a brand that has a team of artists who have profound love for hip hop dance. They are greatly influenced by New York street style and their Relentless collection of fashion clothing is inspired by the everyday life and struggle of the present day youth.

Kollab Lifestyle is an artist brand and it completely identifies with the art of fashion. This black kimono sweatshirt from their Relentless collection is clean, minimalist sporty  no-nonsense piece of clothing with a monochrome theme that clearly embodies the independent, indomitable, unstoppable spirit of the youth and greatly evokes the rebel in you.

So when I got the chance to style this black and white sweatshirt.. I decided to wear it with a pair of basic red leggings to go with that hint of red on the sweatshirt sleeve. This way it complemented the sweatshirt and drew more attention towards its chic kimono fit sleeve.

To go with look I wore my casual black plimsoll and picked my usual black studded backpack. For the accessories I chose to wear black stud earrings, a black strap watch from Reebok and a sliver sheen aviator. I added finishing touches with the grunge looking subtle smokey eye make up and made side cornrows for the hair.

The look turned out completely how I  had envisioned it and the grunge element added the right amount of edge to this sporty look. I love how everything  about it looked so effortlessly classy and modish.

Hope you guys love this look.. Do go and check out Kollab Lifestyle and please let me know what you think about this look. I would love to hear more ideas on styling this sweatshirt.

Until next time. xoxo.

She might always wear black but she has the most colorful mind


Kimono Sweatshirt: Kollab Lifestyle [click here]

Bag: Amazon dotcom

Plimsoll Shoes : Dressberry from Myntra dotcom

Sunnies : Metroplaza

Watch: Reebok

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