Dark Florals!

Hello Butterflies!

I have this weird thing for floral prints, where I feel like they make even the most edgy vampy outfits a bit girly. This is one of those dresses I bought on a whim. Not a usual for me since I am not much of an impulsive buyer and more than always have a pre defined outfit in my mind whenever I buy a piece of clothing.

So when I got this dress I was pretty undecided how I would wear it specially since this was not the usual spring-y color of pinks and blues . I had been diggin’ the double buns for a while and when I finally wore this dress .. It looked cute and edgy at the same time .. and I instantly knew that double buns are gonna add the perfect punk look to it.

The most recent item to go viral in the fashion world were the fishnet stockings and I decided to join the league. When I first saw people wearing these , I honestly didn’t think I was joining in .. but slowly the trend did grow on me a lot and I have been wearing mine more often now.

Chokers have been around for a while and it made the perfect accessory for this look along with my studded backpack and the platform heeled combat boots. For the makeup I refrained from using a vampy dark lipcolor to maintain the feminity of the floral print . I had been loving the rust color make up trend and the rust lip color and eye shadow complemented the floral accents of the dress perfectly.

Since this look grabbed quiet a few eyeballs on the streets of Kolkata..I think its best if you wear it for a musical concert or a party occasion

Signing off for now.. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures.. Do comment below how you find the look.. I always look foward to your suggestions and opinions 🙂



Dress : Metroplaza Mall, Kolkata

Fishnet tights: SR Store dotin

Boots : Bk Market

Bag: Amazon dotcom

Choker : New Market, Kolkata

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