Pleated Wonder On Valentines Day!

Hi Butterflies!

Phew! Finally its up! Yes..This is one of those posts that have taken the longest time to go up on my blog! Thanks to the master procrastinator – ME! But honestly! This is also one of those shoots that didn’t go like I planned.. so I spent all this time convincing myself that it was decent enough to be put up!

I hadn’t planned the location and after wandering for an hour or so.. we ended up at this place by chance.. Love how the background complemented the outfit but there was certainly a big problem with the lighting which kept me bothering all the time while we were shooting. Nevertheless, we did shoot and here are the pics.

Valentines day is around the corner and its the perfect excuse to be wearing a metallic sheen, knife pleated skirt – specially when it is this beautiful mauve pink color. It is everything classy, feminine and elegant.. all at the same time. This skirt is ideal for the cuddly evening coffee to the romantic candle light dinner date.

I decided to wear it with this lovely wine colored full sleeve top and the fine glass bead work detail at the neckline added just the right amount of elegance to it. I accessorized it with my mauve little sling bag, a pair of nude heels and tassel earrings . I completed the look with half braided hair and a wine lip color. I felt like a love lorn maiden, straight out of an old painted canvas. Liked the outfit for a dinner occassion but would love to wear the skirt in a more casual way. Will be coming up with more such post really soon. Hope  you guys like this one.. until then. XOXO



Skirt & Earrings : BK Market, Kolkata

Top: Janpat, Delhi

Bag: New Market, Kolkata

Shoes: Comfort Plus

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