Romantic Nerd

Hie Pretty Butterflies!

So most of the times I might look like the hip and chic kinda girl.. who is all set to rock the world in 2017, and Yaa! a part of it is true BUT deep within I am still the 90’s kid who grew up watching Yash Raj romantic flicks and idealizing their shy and dreamy heroines. So time and again I am inspired by their simple, innocent and girly allure and this outfit is a little reflection of the girly girl within me.

I bought this Purple maxi dress last summer, it is so comfy and I simply love the color..but the neckline plunge was kinda deep and that killed the innocence of the dress so I added this little lace detailing there. I could have easily paired it with my leather jacket and boots but that day I was feeling like the girl-next-door, the girl who loves being by herself, the girl who still believes in romantic love and fairy-tales. So i decided to pair it with a basic off white cardigan which I stole from my mothers wardrobe, my laser cut ballet flats and my nerdy little bag. To add to the girly quotient I accessorized it with a tiny star pendant and small pearl studs. I completed the look with a simple fishtail side braid and put Β on my golden rimmed glasses. The outfit made me feel really connected to my inner girly self and felt like one of those Yash Raj heroines. Hope you too like the look as much as I do, until next time .xoxo



Maxi dress : Flipkart dotcom

Cardigan : Moms wardrobe

Bag and Shoes : Metroplaza

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