Sporty Chic

Hello Butterflies!

I am back with a new post and this time, like i promised ..  I am putting in a lot more pics. So this post is not just about a trend … SPORTY CHIC.

Its about being a sport , accepting and enjoying the wackiest bit of yourself..

about cracking the poor jokes, then laughing loud on them…

about wearing pigtails,

watching cartoons

dancing in the rain,

jumping on the puddles,

bursting soap bubbles,

singing in the shower,

making funny faces,

and above all promising to never grow up.

Also about savoring every bit of your life like the last bite of your chocolate , but before you do all that .. let me tell you about this pleasant sunny winter morning on the 3rd day of the new year.

Donno if it was the weather or just me feeling unusually upbeat.. couldn’t stop myself from going out and getting my favorite mocha from Tea Leaf..  So I decided to wear this pink jersey dress i got from Forever 21 which i paired with my  Adidas Stan Smiths.. pulled my white sling bag, two pigtails , sunnies on my nose and I was ready to rock. Hope you guys like the outfit and the pictures.

Thank you for reading. …until next time

xoxo,  Harsha..sportysporty4sporty6IMG_6856sporty5sporty7sporty9sporty2sporty12sporty15sporty13sporty16sporty14sporty17sporty18 (2)


Dress : Forever 21

Bomber jacket and pompom beanie : New Market Kolkata

Shoes : Adidas

Bag: Flipkart dotcom




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